5G is going to come in phases, particularly in mobile. CTIA

Sci-fi helps me think about what’s coming next. For example, we’re working on communication technology, and there are so many things from Star Trek that were once science fiction and are now science fact. The Communicator is the obvious one, and it even looks like a flip phone. Then in the movie from 1979, Captain Kirk had a wearable device that looks a lot like the smart watches we have today. Qualcomm

5G highband is "starting a 10-year cycle and it is going to happen." San Diego Union Tribune 

Verizon refusing to connect Jeff Jarvis' LTE Nexus a very, very dumb move.  If I buy a new LTE tablet and want to shift my SIM card to it, the FCC rules would seem to require Verizon to allow me to do that. 70% of Verizon's traffic goes over 20 MHz of spectrum that was auctioned with clear open access regulations. Mike Powell's finest moment was his Four Freedoms speech at the 2004 Silicon Flatirons http://fcc.us/19hUz0S. "Freedom to Attach Personal Devices. Third, consumers should be permitted to attach any devices they choose." His FCC successor, Kevin Martin, repeated the principles, codified them and incorporated them into the rules for the 2008 spectrum auction. Both are conservative Republicans who understood that the Carterphone decision allowing connecting to the phone network strongly encouraged competition.

     We now have a prima facie case of Verizon breaking the rules.