Everyone reading this knows Wi-Fi is worth protecting. Verizon is leading a four company grab of as much as half the WI-Fi frequencies  One of the best engineers in wireless emails on interference,  "-86 dBm might be best." An industry group determined that -82 dBm is right. $300B of corporate power - Verizon and Qualcomm - is demanding -72 dBm. These are log scales. The difference is enormous. 

Brenner of Qualcomm has said LTE-U will not interfere. B______. The best available test data shows Verizon's proposal would interfere with more than half of the WI-FI signals. They have provided no evidence otherwise despite seven requests. They are now trying to rig the testing, including by using obsolete equipment. No civil society or public interest people are allowed anywhere near the industry decision. The power here is what Bill Kennard calls "Black Ninjas. They work in the dark and are very, very good."