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  • 128 Antenna Massive MIMO demo puts China Mobile, ZTE in lead

    zte pre5GChina Mobile, ZTE & Huawei are seeking to lead the 5G/4G future. MIMO work was initially led by U.S. researchers. Stanford's Paulraj won the Marconi Prize for inventing it. Gerry Foschini and Tom Marzetta of Bell Labs did crucial work. Most of the first thousand papers came from the U.S. and Western Europe. Lucent was the world leader in most areas of telecom. The U.S. telcos had massive research centers.

    Today, those three remain active and others like Ted Rappaport, Andrea Goldsmith and Robert Heath are prominent at important universities. But the industry has changed. Huawei is now the world's largest telecom company and has committed $600M to 5G research. ZTE is now in the top five. The EU has promised a billion for 5G research, much of which will come to market through Ericsson and Nokia.

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dave rightStarting July 2017, all new articles are at The pols and the marketing folks have made "5G" a meaningless term so the name doesn't fit reporting on advanced wireless. This will stay so old links work. I've reported broadband since 1999 and now is the time for gigabit wireless. Catch a mistake or have news? Email me please. Dave Burstein