Verizon and AT&T burying price increases in fees. 

Huawei's Richard Yu intends to pass both Apple & Samsung in smartphones in five years. 

The 3,000,000,000 transistor Qualcomm 835 is a revolution. Gig LTE, incredible cameras, better VR & AR, & ... State of the art CPU, DSL, GPU, ISP tightly integrated

1,000 T-Mobile small cells 2016, 6,000 more coming. Tech Life

New $84 Reliance Lyf Wind 7S has a 5" screen, a quad-core Snapdragon, an 8 megapixel camera, and some extras. Not state of the art, perhaps, but completely usable at a modest price. 

Orange/FT 4G covers 97% of Poland, 96% of Moldova, but only 84% in France, Q3 2016. They have 113.5 mobile customers in Africa compared to 25.5M in Europe.


"5G may be coming sooner than we thought," writes Sanyogita Shamsunder of VZ. Fixed to the home, not the phone.

AT&T Bill Smith: We're not building very many towers right now. Towers cost a lot to build. ... ECOMP is 8.5M lines of code. ... We now are getting 250% of the previous capacity for 75% of the cost. ... 5G will be 5-20 gig. Already testing at 14 gig.

 Sprint's Claure: We have more capacity per subscriber than any other carrier in the world. 

 China Mobile: 1.32 million 4G base stations; China Unicom, 700,000. ~12X as many as Verizon + AT&T. China's population ~1.3B is ~4X U.S.

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