11 Way to think differently and make more money in the 5G Era

New wireless systems have much more capacity; Verizon estimates ten times as much. In much of the market, a carrier will have more bandwidth than current applications require. Many offerings impractical a few years ago now make sense. You can offer more, win customers, and reduce churn. For example:

  • Better video quality. 480p video is not enough for your best customers. Premium smartphones are competing for the best screen and rapidly upgrading quality.
  • Fixed wireless to homes. Goldman Sachs estimates Verizon will profitably add 8 million profitable fixed wireless homes by 2023. Over 2 million Japanese are finding fixed wireless more convenient even where fibre to the home is a choice.
  • Financing is widely available. Rural provinces in France and elsewhere are offering money. Pension funds and other long term investors are financing many networks, mostly landline for now.
  • Fixed wireless to business  Businesses can have 100 meg service in a day or two, much faster than digging fibre. Any business that needs the Internet should have a wireless backup. That’s almost all.
  • Sharing is the way to go. Building one network is cheaper than building two. Shared networks have long been the obvious choice for rural areas and now are being adopted for entire countries.
  • Higher caps. Customers are sick of “unlimited” plans that have limits.
  • Much better connections in crowded places, including sports stadiums and Times Square. The key technology here is 4G Massive MIMO, but it works whether you call it 4G or 5G.
  • Tethering and hot-spot allowances can become much more generous. (Some companies oppose offering this, hoping to sell an additional connection for tablets and soon cars.)
  • Landline+, an offering for regions you serve with out-of-date DSL. Deutsche Telekom sells a DSL + LTE router. DSL handles most of the traffic, but wireless kicks in when the customer wants more speed Adding wireless to the DSL router adds little cost and allows advertising a more competitive rate.
  • Patent portfolios matter. Build yours. The Chinese, including China Mobile, file the most patents today. They will be used to counter Qualcomm & Nokia. You need communication in case you are caught in the middle.
  • Open systems are becoming available, often supported by new vendors. AT&T is a true believer they will save money.

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