China 5G growth watch

Half the 5G in the world the next few years will be in China.  To understand 5G, I track China. I expect: 
2019 125,000-200,000 radios, covering most of Beijing and other cities.
2020 600,000-800,000. More than 700 million people covered
2022 2,000,000 per China Mobile


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Chongqing plans 10,000 radios by the end of 2019.

Another estimate is 150,000 radios in 2019.


Half of Chinese phones will be 5G by 2022, predicts Zhang Yunyong, dean of the China Unicom Research Institute.

5,285 5G base stations in Beijing, mid-2019. By yearend, the city within the Fifth Ring Road will be covered. Most of the 10M 5G phones Huawei expects to sell in 2019 will be in China. This is an agressive estimate; IDC’s worldwide estimate is half that. I believe Huawei will reach their target based on recent news from China.

Guangzhou has 5,000 5G radios in June 2019 with plans for 20,000 the end of the year and 65,000 in 2021. Shanghai expects 10,000 by the end of the year.  Guangzhou & Shenzen are in Guangdong Province, which has built over 9000 5G base stations. (Note: this stuff is moving fast. If one figure is from June 1 and the other June 30, they aren’t comparable.)

Hubei is lagging, with only 1361 base stations in July. The plan is 5,000 by year-end and 50,000 by 2021.

Suzhou, NE of Shanghai, plans 5,000 base stations for 2019 and 23,000 for 2021.

China Telecom & China Mobile have said they will switch from the 4G NSA core to the 5G SA core as soon as practical in 2020.

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