5G Scoreboard

The scoreboard
May 2020 (Analysis Branch estimates)

Subs (millions)
China 50-60M*
U.S. 5M **
Korea 6M
Rest of world < 5M (“Low-band 5G” not included because slower than 4G.) The coverage Korea 90% – >100,000 cells
Gulf & Arabia ?40%
China ?20% – >200,000
Ireland 25%
U.S. ?15%
UK ~10% (guess)
Others lower or unreported

*  The Chinese carriers reported ~75 million contracts in April, although phone sales were closer to 40 million. 5G and 4G contracts cost the same, and apparently people are taking 5G "contracts" without a 5G phone.
** No U.S. carrier has reported 5G figures. Counterpoint reported sales of over 3 million Samsung S20 5G phones in the first quarter. I'm guessing people buying 5G phones are also connecting to 5G and that the figures are higher by today.

Important note: "Low-band 5G" is often slower than 4G. I do my best not to include it, but carriers try to hide the real figures. 

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